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  • It’s important not to give up too soon as blogger.
  • Blogging has changed a lot in the past few years.
  • Blogging works if you persistent, consistent, and you stay committed to it.
  • If you can ride out the storm, stay the course and persevere, the storm will pass.
  • Giving up too early can be the worst decision of your life and a blogger.

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  • I am [your professional identity, e.g. blogger, author, coach, copywriter, speaker etc.]
  • I help [your target audience]
  • do [your unique solution]
  • so that [your promised transformation]

Here’s mine:
I am a blogger, copywriter and coach. I help start-up entrepreneurs build large email lists that they can mobilize and monetize so that they can live the life of their dreams.

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  • Your Headline’s Writing Checks Your Post Can’t Cash. In other words, your Wonder Storage Wooden Air Box Jordan Shoe Xwqp11 suck!
  • You’re Over Eager (and It’s Embarrassing). You ask too much of your visitors too soon!
  • You’re Convinced Your Content is Worth Waiting For. Your blog is too slow! Make it faster!
  • You Make People Exhausted Not Energized. Make your posts interesting to dive into.
  • You’re Too Damn Wordy (Even for a Writer). Make use of short sentences and paragraphs. Use bulleted lists. Features and inline images. Quotes and callouts. All of these can transform your post from hard-to-read to hard-to-resist.
  • Your links are too interesting. Use external links sparingly and ensure they:
    • Launch in a new window.
    • Don’t break the flow of your writing (i.e., no attention-grabbing calls-to-action).
    • Highlight supplemental, not essential information.
  • You’re Thinking Too Big. Make your blog mobile friendly.
  • You’re Too Busy Trying to Make a Few Cents. Ditch those annoying ads. Hear Glen Long, “For most readers, ads are an annoying distraction that cheapens your brand and increases the chances they’ll bounce. For the small percentage who are enticed by an offer, ads are an exit ramp taking them away from your content.”
  • You’re Exploring Well-Charted Territory. Be creative. Be bold. Don’t be predictive.
  • You’re Scared of Commitment. Focus on your USP (See #1)
  • You Leave Your Readers Hanging

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  • “The people who read them.” I call them your primary audience; and
  • “The people who link to them;” I call these your powerful audience, the movers and shakers in your niche.

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